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The Boxer is a marvelous breed of dog and is exceptionally high spirited, playful and energetic. Boxer’s are very loyal and can be a terrific family pet who will be a lifelong companion. They are genuinely a lovable family dog and make a proud pet for anyone; they prefer to sit on your lap to cuddle than anything else. The boxer is also a unique breed that may not be suitable for everyone or every family. Boxers need a lot of attention and training. They require human contact and affection. They are extremely intelligent dogs, which make them very easy to train, but they also can be very manipulative with an inexperienced dog trainer.

The Boxer has a very compact body. It is a powerful dog breed with a shiny, close-fitting coat that comes in fawn, brindle, white and various shades of red, with white markings.

The Boxer is high-spirited, good natured, family friendly and are photogenic for Boxer dogs pictures. They are by nature highly smart and eager to learn.

The Boxer performs well in dog competition and obedience testing. Boxers are naturally on the move, bonding very closely with the family.

Boxers are known for the way they cope so well with kids. A well trained Boxer will also get along with his other dogs and other family pets such as cats.

Boxers need lots of human leadership. Teach the Boxer not to be animated and especially not to jump up at people. The boxer breed makes for great guard dogs. Boxers are chosen by military and police.

Teach the Boxer proper pack leadership from an early age to avoid any dominance issues. This dog needs to be exercised regularly by daily walks or more invigoration, regular workouts.

Boxers make great guard dogs as they are very protective of their owner and the family home. Boxer’s appearance leads people to believe they are an aggressive dog. In fact they can be timid and shy, although they desire to be very playful and friendly. Properly training and socializing your boxer is essential for both you and your dog.

Boxers are highly intelligent and can be very stubborn. Owners that are new to boxers must exercise patience and be firm but gentle when training. Start basic training as early as 6 weeks old, such as socialization and housebreaking. The earlier they are socialized the easier the rest of the training will be.

The main aspect of training for a boxer is socialization. Boxers can be very friendly dogs but they need to be trained to become one. They need to get accustomed to other dogs and people. If you are new to boxers or an inexperienced trainer you may want to consider training classes or professional trainers so that your boxer dog is around other dogs and people early on.

When your boxer reaches 13-16 weeks old it’s time for some serious boxer dog training. This is the point when it is most important to teach pack leadership. This is when boxers can be very stubborn and require patient training. You have to demonstrate sturdy pack leadership at and correct inappropriate behavior that will not be tolerated.

If you train your boxer at an early age with proper training techniques you will have a wonderful, loyal, family friend and companion.

Fun Facts about Boxers:

Boxers are very beautiful and popular dogs. They have a very distinctive look and with their stellar and enthusiastic personality they make great pets. Boxers are a medium sized dog, and although they are laid back and generally easy to get along with, they do also require a lot of affection and activity. Here are some fun facts that you may not know about Boxers:

The name Boxer may have been given because the dogs were rumored to fight and play using their paws like fists. There has been no real evidence of this, but it would be interesting to see!

Boxers are classified as a Working Dog breed, along with Mastiffs and Great Danes. However they are most often purchased as pets.

Although Boxers can weigh 50-80 lbs and are considered to be medium sized dogs, these pups often think they are lap dogs! So if you sit down, be prepared to cuddle up!

Boxers are very beautiful dogs and are often featured in contests. One Boxer called Bang Away has won over one hundred and twenty contests including Best In Show at Westminster.

Boxers are beloved pets of many celebrities. Humphrey Bogart was known for owning Boxers. He did not own just one, but several Boxers.

Boxers are still in use today by the military as messengers and guard dogs. They are also used by police forces.

There are some famous Boxers on television and in movies, such as CSI and Thirteen. They are often used because of their level of intelligence and their friendly personality.

Boxers hold the record for the longest tongue, one had a tongue seventeen inches long!

Boxers look like they are grinning when they are happy.

Some Boxers have no tails but when they are happy they will still shake their rear ends!


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