The beagle is a muscular hound dog, with a short, smooth coat of fur. This particular breed has distinctive color of black and white with orange tint that sometimes can be either red or yellow. It has bright brown eyes and soft droopy ears. The Beagle dog has a square muzzle and jaw, with a distinctly broad nose that is proportionate to its cute face.

This breed has an affectionate, friendly temperament. The beagle is a characteristically loyal and brave dog. Beagles are high spirited and playful and very curious. They enjoy company and require affection from human owners. The beagle breed is generally very good with children and behaves well with other dogs. This makes them an excellent family pet.

This dog breed is very independent and a little stubborn when young, so early training and socialization is essential.

The beagle breed is a wonderful hunting dog. They are instinctive pointers and have a keen sense of smell, which makes them ideal for hunting rabbit and fox. But they are also well suited as a retriever for bird hunters.

Not surprisingly, the beagle will require regular vigorous exercise and enjoys playful interaction.

The Beagle dog is wide eyed, cute and lovable. But they can sure be a chore to properly obedience train. They are so curious about the environment because of their acute sense of smell and the instinctive hunting nature that they are easily distracted and difficult to focus.

If you are planning on training a Beagle get ready for a challenge. You will need tremendous patience and determination. It’s not that they don’t want to please. They simply haven’t got the mental capacity to stay on task for extended periods of time.

Beagles are natural hunters so they will be aware of their surroundings and marking areas to investigate with their nose. They are anxious to scurry from area to another in search of anything that might register with them. In preparation for an obedience training session take your Beagle for an extended walk. Let them explore and burn as much as energy as possible. Let them swim or run through woods or fields if possible. You want them ready to pay attention for as long as possible when done.

This is also important because if a Beagle isn’t exposed to activity and exercise then it becomes restless indoors, creating problems in your house. They like to dig and chew. Better that is done outside in an appropriate way rather than in your shoe closet.

When you do go outdoors, it may be necessary to keep your Beagle leashed until properly trained. They can become a overly rambunctious and careless. You want to remain in control of the dog and the situation. Particularly in high traffic areas or places with other people or pets. Be firm when you are with your pet Beagle.

The earlier socialization and obedience begins the better. You can start your Beagle’s training from the age of eight weeks. Introduce the basic commands such as stand, sit, down, and heel. Once he has mastered the simple commands, you can begin more advanced training such as hunting skills or show skills if that is what you have planned.

A Beagle is a pack animal. They prefer to be in a group. They love affection and attention. Keep your Beagle active and well trained for optimum health and well being. Your time and effort with your Beagle will be greatly rewarded as they are loyal and intelligent.