The Bichon Frise, a type of Bichon, is sometimes simply called a Bichon in North America. The Bichon is an undersized, but very muscular dog. Typically found with round eyes which are black or dark brown. The ears normally are dropped and covered in long hair. The teeth generally meet in a scissors bite. Coat colors include solid white, cream, gray or apricot. The coat is hypo-allergenic. Pet owners usually clip the dog in an easy care puppy cut that is the same length all over the body.

The Bichon dog loves human company. It has an autonomous personality and is highly intelligent. As pets they are affectionate, courageous and high spirited. The Bichon has a confident, happy temperament that is easy to live with.

These intelligent little dogs are suited for dog obedience training. They are naturally sociable and are content when they are included in family outings. They behave and adapt well when in the company of other dogs and pets and are tremendous to have around children. This breed is competitive and obedient.

The Bichon needs rules and structure. Dog obedience training that establishes limits and boundaries early are important. The Bichon needs plenty of exercise and human contact. They will easily develop small dog syndrome if you don’t establish the alpha leader role early in the relationship. If you establish that you are the pack leader, and are calm, consistent and assertive and provide daily routines including exercise and walks, the Bichon will be a very stable and trustworthy companion.