The Border Collie is a medium size dog that comes in a variety of colors that include, black and white, tri-color, red and white, yellow and white, sable and all black. The coat will either be long coarse hair or a sleek short coat of fur. The Border Collie will need regular grooming particular when they are shedding.

Border Collie dogs are a very intelligent dog. They are very athletic and agile. Border Collie’s are quick learners and very easy to train. They are high spirited with tremendous energy and stamina. They are pack leaders by nature and require a lot of attention. They are very eager to please and need to have something to do in order to fulfill that desire. The Border Collie should be well socialized as a puppy.

Not surprisingly, the Border Collie will require regular vigorous exercise and enjoys playful interaction.

Border Collie’s are perfect dogs for obedience training because they are very intelligent, exceptionally athletic and are very loyal.

Border Collies are a working breed. They are natural herders and therefore are easily socialized around other animals. Their instincts make them candidates as hunting companions and also for police and military operations.

There are several character traits that make Border Collies exceptional for obedience training and work:

  • Border Collies are highly intelligent. Many professional dog obedience trainers consider them as the most intelligent of dog breeds.
  • Border Collies truly enjoy training and learning. It is as much about the mental exercise as the physical skill and challenge for them. They are highly motivated and very eager to please.
  • Border Collies are athletic and agile.
  • Border Collies have tremendous endurance. They can run for hours without tiring or stopping for rest.
  • Border Collies are quick learners and commit to memory what they have learned sooner than most other breeds.

Border Collies require a lot of exercise in addition to the obedience training. This stimulates their mind as well as burns the energy they have. If you don’t have the time and energy will have an unhappy dog who will find ways to show you he is bored that you may not like. They can dig and chew almost anything. You must find a way to balance the activity needs of the Border Collie with your available time in order to achieve the rewarding experience that can result with a happy Border Collie.