Labrador Retrievers are brawny dogs with a muscular athletic build. They come in chocolate, black, or yellow color and typically have short coats with very straight fur. The coat of a Labrador Retriever provides the dog with efficient weather protection for various climates and control of body temperature. Labrador Retrievers have a unique broad head, with a thick nose.

English Labrador Retrievers are ideal family pets, very loyal and are playful with other dog breeds. This breed is generally good-natured and sociable, with lots of high energy. Labradors are normally not aggressive dogs, although they are protective of human owners and will commonly bark as a warning toward perceived threats or a stranger.

They are also known as gentle, affectionate and usually very devoted pets that enjoy the company of humans. Their calm disposition and high intelligence make them one of main dog breeds used as rescue and guide dogs.

Labrador Retrievers are energetic dogs, consequently they need regular exercise. Invigorating runs and games like fetch will help to keep them healthy and happy as well as assist in controlling their weight. These dogs love to play and can enjoy getting a great deal of exercise through play and interactive activity that will also provide them with the mental stimulation needed to learn proper social skills and behavior.