The Pug has a squat body that has a resemblance to that of a Bulldog although the adult Pug is much smaller in height and weight. They have dark eyes that are very expressive lodged above a short, flat muzzle. Pugs come in fawn, black, apricot, or silver, but commonly have only black or tan around the nose and muzzle. One of the most notable features of the pug is its curly tail, which shows as a half-curl to a full double curl. Prominent tails are tightly coiled and the full bred standard tail is the full double curl.

The ears are always black and soft and are shaped like a rose or a button. Most breeders prefer button style as they are level with the top of the forehead and fold at a sharp 90-degree angle. Rose-shaped ears are smaller and tend to fall forward towards the muzzle.

Pugs tend to shed a lot. If you are looking for a playful and pleasant dog, this dogs for you. They are very sociable, obedient and loyal, almost to a fault. They are at your feet constantly seeking human companionship and will follow you around the house.

The Pug is perfect for families with kids but does not do well outdoors particularly on hot days. This breed is not easy to train. It takes a lot of patience and time to train this stubborn little dog. The pug has many positive features and characteristics like its playful spirit and temperament to provide wonderful companionship. Their upbeat personality and sometimes clumsy behavior will keep you entertained and fulfilled with the very rewarding experience.