The particularly long, thin, smooth coat crests along the top of the spine and rests on either side of the rib cage. The Yorkshire Terrier coat is usually steal blue in color on the body and tail, and tan every else. Yorkshire Terrier puppies are typically coated with black & tan fur.

This smallish dog has a high level of energy and is courageous, extremely loyal and very intelligent. The Yorkshire is affectionate with its human owner, but if not properly trained to recognize humans as the dog pack leader, they are apprehensive of strangers and can be overly aggressive toward unfamiliar dogs and other small animals. Yorkshire Terriers can also bark often in an effort to communicate what they want as an exhibition of ‘small dog’ syndrome.

Although sometimes stubborn if not given proper socialization and boundaries, Yorkies are easy to train. When humans demonstrate appropriate pack leadership to the Yorkshire Terrier they are very charming and loving and are a wonderful family pet.

Problems usually are a result when owners misunderstand the small size and allow them to take over the house. These are truly sweet little dogs that require owners who understand how to provide them with kind but firm leadership.

Yorkshire Terriers can be quite stubborn when you are trying to train them.

Here are 5 tips on how to effectively dog obedience train your Yorkshire Terrier:

  1. Yorkies need regular and consistent dog obedience training. They have a short attention span and short memory. Work with your dog every day.
  2. Give your dog lots of praise and affection when she does what you are trying to teach her to do. Use food treats and favorite toys as rewards and inducements to continue that behavior. That way she will know what is expected of her and be motivated to please you.
  3. It is necessary to speak in a firm tone when reprimanding Yorkies. They can be very stubborn. But there is no need to yell or be overly harsh. She will know by the tone of your voice that she has done something that is not acceptable.
  4. Don’t overdo it. Yorkies have short attention spans. Allow for lots of down time and playful interaction between training sessions. Your Yorkie will learn quicker if she is motivated.
  5. Yorkies are easily distracted. Only train your Yorkie when other people or animals are not around. This will allow her to focus on you and the task at hand.