Grooming is probably the most important activity for the dog owner to master. If a dog owner is not consistent with grooming, then there is a chance that the dog may encounter several types of diseases. Some of the first steps of grooming consists of activities like coat maintenance, cleaning the ears, and nail clipping. Maintaining the coat consists of enrichment measures like proper bathing, combing, drying the skin with dryers, and more. Dogs do not need to be bathed daily. This helps to protect the skin’s characteristics such as the insulation feature.

It is important to use shampoos and conditioners that are meant solely for dogs. A soft brush made specifically for combing dogs are good too. There are a variety of brushes available and depending on the type of breed, one can select the correct brush. Coat grooming should be be carried out daily. Always place the lose hair in a dust bin for best sanitation. If you don’t place the lose hair in a dust bin, it’s likely that the hairs with fly all over and end up in the nostrils of guests and family members.

When clipping the nails, be careful not to clip too close to the blood vessels and injure your dog. Light colored nails are easier to cut than dark nails as the blood vessels and nerves that supply the nail (called the quick) are much easier to see. Cut dark colored nails in several small cuts to reduce the chance of cutting into the quick. You can cut the nail to within approximately two millimeters of the quick. If you accidentally cut into the quick, the nail will bleed and your dog may experience pain. Use a sharp clipper designed especially for dogs. It is best to have your dog on a raised location to control the dog much easier. Make sure you have a firm grip on your dog’s feet when clipping the nails. If not, your dog may move while clipping which could cause an injury.

Your dog’s grooming routine should always include ear checks. This is especially important for dogs who produce a lot of earwax or have extra inner ear hair. To clean your dog’s ears, use a cotton ball dampened with mineral oil, hydrogen peroxide, or a solution formulated specifically for this purpose. The ear skin is delicate, so check with your vet as he or she can demonstrate the proper method for cleaning your dog’s ears. Do not clean your dog’s ears too often as it may cause irritation, and never insert anything directly into your dog’s ear canal. If your dog has hair in his ear canal, you may have to pull it out with tweezers every couple of weeks to prevent mats and tangles from forming. It is a good idea to discuss this with your vet as to whether this is necessary for your dog.