This article will discuss whether or not you need to be the pack leader in your dog’s life. Should you smack your dog and pound on your chest so that you become the top dog? The answer will change the relationship between you and your dog forever.

The fact is that dogs are pack animals. That will never change. It has always been that way and will continue to be that way. Most importantly, it works! The leader of the pack is the decision maker and the ones that follow do just that – follow the pack leader. This is very simple behavior.

Dogs have descended from wolves and wolves are pack animals. What most dog owners don’t know is that you forma pack with your dog or dogs in your home. Even your children or a cat can become part of the pack in your home. The simple fact is that your dog sees every member as a member of the pack. Your dog will also see that there is a leader who makes all the decisions.

There are dogs in the world who are just happy pleasing their owner. These dogs are the ones that are easy to train although the proud owner sometimes may take all the credit for such a well behaved dog. This has nothing to do with how great the owner is so don’t get jealous if your dog causes you so many problems. There are dogs that are easier to train than other dogs. The owners sometimes go around preaching to other dog owners what to do since they feel they have mastered dog training. The reality is that they just own a very easy dog that loves to please.

On the other hand, your difficult dog needs to be very clear about the messages you send him or her. Smart, driven dogs are not easy to train especially if you don’t have a clue about what you are doing. The big secret to training a difficult dog is to make sure that YOU are the pack leader in your house. That is the only way your dog will listen to you. Also, be certain that whether your dog is difficult or not, it doesn’t have anything to do with the breed of dog. It has everything to do with personality and character. This is only discovered when the dog is actually in your home which is a bit risky.

If you are struggling with your dog and you find yourself trying to bribe your dog with treats all the time, then it is probably certain that your dog does not think of you as the pack leader. If this is the case, the very first thing you need to do is to become the pack leader!

The most important thing about the pack leader is that he or she is very calm and always consistent. You want to be fair and firm. Never shout or scream and never hurt your dog by smacking him. That is a bad approach that is outdated. You can win your dog over by being relaxed and calm. Your dog will not fear you and will actually choose you as the pack leader. When you learn how your dog sees the world, it is easy to adjust your behavior and communication in a way your dog will understand. The last thing we want to do is apply human psychology to the way we train our dogs. We evolved from primates and dogs evolved from wolves – very different species indeed.

As soon as you understand where your dog is coming from, you will realize that there is no need for fear or aggression when training your dog. Again, if you are having problems with your dog, than it is very likely that your dog does not see you as the pack leader.

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