There is nothing worse than waking up to find your new puppy rolling in his own poo! You find it all over the house – yuck! This cleaning will take at least an hour of your time and you’ll certainly be late for work. This is not a good way to start your day!

House training your dog should not be difficult and it isn’t. It’s knowing what to do that will make all the difference in the world.

Here we go:

1. Stay calm: Do not become angry or frustrated. Never shout at your puppy and never rub your puppy’s nose in it. That is outdated information that will make matters worse.

2. Stay focused on the task: Do not start yelling at your puppy when they get it wrong. The best thing to do is reward your puppy with treats when they get it right….when they go in the right place. Do this each time and do it for a long time. Use amazing treats too – not just a dry tasteless treat. Do this immediately. Never wait more than thirty second after the task to give your puppy the treat. This is very important. If they get the treat two seconds after, they will relate the two. Here’s a good tip: leave a jar with treats outside by the pee-pee area so that even if you forget to take treats out with you, there are some already at hand.

3. It does take time and patience: Toilet training takes time! With children, it can take three years or more. Your puppy will learn quickly as long as you are consistent.

4. Remove a rug that has been used by your puppy: Pick it up and put it back down in six months in perfect condition. Make sure there are no stains, marks, or smells.

The site covers everything with over 250 videos including a whole section on toilet training your puppy.

Here’s a couple of tips to give you an idea of what’s inside.

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