Do you want to know exactly how to raise the perfect dog from a puppy? You may ask yourself if a good dog really exists. Then you must ask yourself if there is a perfect human. Of course the answer is no. But there are really great people in the world and guess what? There are great dogs too! Actually, there are some amazing dogs in the world.

Here is some advice before you head to puppy school that could cost an arm and a leg. Do you really want a dog that “performs” like a circus animal? When people comer over, do you want to show them how your dog can play dead or roll over on command?

Usually, dog owners are warning their visitors to be careful around their dog. “Don’t touch any of his toys!” “Don’t pet him near his ears!” “Don’t get too close to his food bowl when he is eating!” “Please don’t let your children near the dog. He does not get along with children.”

This is a crazy way to live with your dog. Dog owners spend way too much time working on commands such as stay or sit. They rarely think about what is really important when it comes to their dog’s behavior. Learning commands instead of doing what is really important is a big problem with many dog trainers. They end up doing what every other dog trainer is doing. They get stuck in a dog training pattern. Trainers can sometimes be like sheep, everyone following each other and nobody asking why they do what they do.

The bottom line is that most dog owners and people in general really don’t care if a dog can sit properly or stay on command. That is what a dog learns when he or she goes to puppy school.

Now, what about when your dog becomes aggressive? That’s a problem! Every day, somewhere in the world, a dog is being put down for being too aggressive, barking too much, growling at the neighbor children, biting, etc. This is bad for everyone involved – especially the poor dog.

Think about this for a minute. When it comes to dogs, there is nothing more scary and dangerous than a dog that is out of control. There is nothing worse than your dog pulling you along the street on the leash. How about when you let him off the leash? That becomes a dangerous situation for the dog, for other dogs, or for moving vehicles. Very few dog trainers will help you with these scenarios. Why not? Because many of them do not understand it themselves!

Below is a list of five behaviors that dog owners think of when they think of a good dog:

  1. A dog that is not only relaxed around other dogs, but around other animals too.
  2. A dog that is friendly to children and people of all ages.
  3. A dog that is obedient and calm around the house.
  4. A dog that will listen and come to you when you are at the park.
  5. A dog that behaves calmly when walking on a leash.

You are probably saying to yourself right now that this makes total sense! Now you are wondering how you can raise a puppy into a “good dog”. The really good news is that it is easier than you may think. Doggy Dan, one of the world’s leading dog trainers, has created a video website showing you how easy it is to achieve the “perfect” dog. Doggy Dan, along with a puppy named Moses, will teach you how to achieve all the things mentioned above. Best of all, you can train your puppy at exactly the right time so that the bad behaviors don’t pop up later on. You’ll also learn about food and the health of your dog. There are over two hundred and fifty videos on the Doggy Dan site! If you want to make a good dog out of your puppy, check out Doggy Dan’s site here: The Online Dog Trainer.