My dog won’t stop digging! Help!

You can’t stop your dog digging because you are seeing it differently from your dog. First, your dog is not doing it to make you angry. If you think that, then you are thinking like a human. Dogs dig because it’s fun for them and they like to explore. They will dig into sand, mud, dirt, you name it. Where they dig does not matter to them as long as they are having fun.

Some dogs will dig because they are too hot and want to sit where the dirt is cooler. Or they could be too cold and are digging a den for warmth.

If your dog is digging to release stored up energy, then may more exercise is in order.

It is important to understand which of these things mentioned above apply to your dog. Don’t simply think of your dog as a bad dog.

Sometimes fertilizer can stimulate a dog’s sense of smell and cause him to dig. Actually, anything wit a strong odor can stimulate your dog into digging. Be careful when you place fertilizer that it does not cause your dog to dig. Also, be very careful with snail or slug pellets as they can de deadly for dogs. Always assume a product is harmful unless it states otherwise.

Okay, so remember, provide your dog with plenty of exercise, be careful with smelly products on your lawn, and provide shelter for your dog so he can stay cool or warm depending on the situation.

You want to control their digging. Digging is normal but excessive digging is not. If your dog is digging out of control, provide a digging pit with some pieces of wood. If you place some treats in the digging pit, it won’t be long before your dog will only use that area for digging. Your dog will learn that it’s okay to dig in one area and not all over the yard.

If your dog has already created holes, bury a brick in that hole (or rock) and cover it up. When your dog hits the brick, he will become frustrated and give up. Soon your dog will learn that digging in the lawn is not allowed.

Digging when you have left your home is one of the biggest problems. This is a “pack leader” issue. Your dog is digging to try to escape the property in order to find you. The digging usually occurs at the gate or at the bottom of the fence. You need to become the pack leader and then your dog will relax when you are not around.

The best site to understand how to become the pack leader is Doggy Dan’s amazing website: Click here for Doggy Dan – The Online Dog Trainer.