There is nothing worse than a dog that will not stop barking! Sometimes its a loud bark and sometimes it’s that yappy sound that will drive you insane. You should be clear that a barking dog is not a happy dog. What it normally means is that the dog is stressed, over excited, or frustrated. These three emotions are not good for any dog. They are certainly not good for the dog owner! Keep in mind that a dog that is relaxed and calm is NOT a barking dog.

When you are absent from the home, there is a good chance your dog is barking. This is a typical problem. Most dog owners are unaware of this until the neighbor comes by to complain or they get a nasty visit from the animal control officer. When you understand the cause of your dog barking, you can address the real issue and not just put a Band-aid on the symptoms.

The most important aspect of this is to see this through your dog’s eyes. Your dog, like a wolf, is a pack animal and knows that there are followers and leaders. The leader of the pack is the one responsible for the protection of the pack. When you leave the home, your dog thinks that one of the pack members has left. This will stress the dog out. They are barking to get you back in the pack. You dog is officially stressed out and is working hard to do his job of keeping the pack together. It is like a parent and a child. If you know exactly where your three-year-old is, then you are calm and relaxed. If you don’t know where she is, you become nervous and stressed.

You dog is shouting for help by barking. That is all your dog knows and all he can do to get help when his pack falls apart. I think you get the picture. Your dog cannot speak to you to tell you all that is going on.

There are many other bad behaviors as a result of you leaving the home including the following: digging, chewing on shoes and pillows, destroying the sofa, etc. This all happens when you are no where to be found. This is a sign of a dog that is stressed about you being gone and possibly not safe.

Just as you would not give your child chocolates when you leave, a dog bone for your dog is not the solution either. A treat or a toy with peanut butter in it is also not the solution. You may know this already if you tried it with your dog.

You’re asking what is the solution to this dilemma? Well, it is very simple. You must be the pack leader in your dog’s eyes. This will relieve the dog from thinking he has to be your protector. You will be able to leave and return to your house without your dog barking and becoming stressed. It is not difficult to become the pack leader. Check out Doggy Dan’s website The Online Dog Trainer.
It will explain how to establish yourself as the pack leader and solve the barking problem forever.