Kong is a very popular brand. This product is designed to keep your dog busy for a long time. The idea is that you place a treat (many use peanut butter) inside the Kong and your dog will work on trying to get the treat out. The Kong is made of very thick rubber so that it can handle an extended period of dog chewing without it breaking or tearing. It comes in many different sizes so there is a size for every dog (small, medium, or large).

Using peanut butter as the treat inside the Kong can become quite messy. The reviewer prefers a dry treat such as a milk bone. In order to get the dry treat inside the Kong, you can squeeze it to elongate the opening. Then you push the treat inside until it gets stuck a bit. This makes it a greater challenge for your dog to get the treat out.

This is a great company that makes quality products. The Kong is highly recommended and may be one of the best investments you can make. You can purchase a Kong at a good price on Amazon and we placed a link directly below the video.

Kong Treat Toy on Amazon