This is a very heavy duty scooper without looking bulky. Let’s just start off by saying that this is a really good scooper. What is very nice about it is the durability of the plastic. The plastic is all encased around the mechanism. The encasement doesn’t allow the handle to bend forward or backward which is a nice feature. It opens really easily and someone with arthritis would not have any difficulty operating he scooper.

The teeth on the actual pick up jaws are very nice and will not smash the waste while pick up the droppings. Furthermore, nothing will stick to the plastic as it is made to prevent that from happening. None of the parts are lose which prevents anything from bending and not working. It is very sturdy and well made and worth the extra few dollars as compared to other brands on the market. We placed a link below the video so that you may purchase this at the absolute best price we found. The cost of the scoop should be approximately twenty dollars.

Some of the special features:

• Lightweight and easy to use.
• Picks up from all surfaces.
• Antimicrobial product protection.

This Jaw Pick Up Scoop is available for the best price on Amazon.