Recognizing when your dog has problems with dog behavior is the job of any good dog owner. There are some common types of dog behavior issues that you may be having. One is that of aggression. Aggressive dog behavior is, believe it or not, a natural instinct. Dogs are generally aggressive when they feel that they or their property is being threatened in some way. Dealing with this type of behavior requires training and it definitely requires repetition and discipline for the owner. Dogs are generally aggressive only when they feel threatened so communicating to them that the situation is okay will allow the dog to back down.

Another problem that is often seen is that of puppy separation anxiety. There is no doubt that dogs don’t want to be left alone and they define this by whining, crying and even being aggressive towards the things within a home. Separation anxiety can be helped in other ways, such as by providing the dog with enough attention when they are at home with you. You will also need to consider effective methods for discipline for a dog that behaves poorly like this.

Problems like house training and dog chewing are similar situations in which does need behavior training. With proper dog potty training, for example, he can learn the right place to go and stop making mistakes in your home.

One of the keys to understand about dog behavior training is that it takes time, patience and lots of repetition. My dog Bailey had a lot of bad habits until I spent some time training him. It was very frustrating at first for both him and I. Virtually any situation that a dog is in can be improved when you work with them on it. It could require professional help as well. Having a professional handle the dog behavior issues that you are having will go as far as you allow it. In other words, you will still need to learn how to train your pet to be obedient and a welcome addition to the family.

While all dogs have some level of dog behavior problems, it is essential for the owner to notice and address these problems as they arise. Using things like rewards as well as discipline with crate training, for example, can help to stop the poor behavior and instill better behaviors that you can be proud of. Consider what dog behavior your pet is showing and work on improving it.