The English Bulldog is a very sturdy, wide and compact dog with a thick, gigantic head. The Bulldog is among the gentlest dogs despite its somewhat intimidating appearance.

This dog is a very friendly and loyal animal that is great with families and children. The English Bulldog is also known for its tremendous courage and is an excellent guard dog for your home. The English Bulldog is also eager to cooperate and is a perfect candidate for taking English Bulldog pictures.

Strong headed and stubborn, this breed can be very persistent if not properly trained and socialized. They require a lot of love and patience early in the training period because they do not give up easily. Bulldogs love being around people and want human attention. This breed generally gets along well with other family pets, but can sometimes act scrappy with unfamiliar dogs, particularly if they have not been acclimated as a pack follower.

When Bulldogs are puppies they are full of high spirited energy and mischief, but eventually slow down and relax as they get older. Bulldogs need to learn early in training that humans are the pack leaders. Otherwise they are stressful and have anxiety as they try to keep their humans in line. Pack leadership with English Bulldogs is an important training, but once the pecking order is established they are a wonderful pet and companion.